Planning ahead always pays off

Caregivers are some of the busiest people in the world. Stress levels are high and finances are limited. Here is a thought for the upcoming Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, works well for May Day or any holiday really.

Give the caregiver a day long break. This can be in the form of a coupon, with not only the date for use but also some suggestions for the use. A day at the spa or a day at the beach can be just what the doctor ordered for everyone in the picture. Find someone to give the caregiver the respite time and make sure the coupon explains all the appropriate financial information regarding how and how much is paid on this respite.

Should there be a blank in the thought process as to which or what to give as a respite. Try asking these agencies for help; , , the local travel agent, or clear all thoughts and let the past be the guide. What was the most talked about memory or experience? It will all become clear and the caregiver will be very appreciative.

Upcoming nutrition report highlights diet in cancer prevention

In a report by the Journal of the American College of Nutrition scheduled to be published on June 30, researchers are focusing on exactly what a healthy diet looks like.

The report includes six dietary guidelines, most of which point to a plant-based diet for better health.

In the release, lead author Joseph Gonzales, a registered dietitian at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, said “The overall recommendation is to favor a plant-based diet.” He went on to write, “Plants are rich in protective compounds and help consumers avoid the cancer-causing substances found in animal products.”

The six recommendations in the report are:

1. Emphasize fruits and vegetables.

Research shows that women that eat a high amount of frouts and vegetables reduce their risk of breast cancer by 11 percent. Men that eat more kale, cabbage, and other cruciferous vegetables reduce their risk of colorectal cancer by 18 percent.

2. Limit or avoid dairy products.

Consuming 35grams of dairy products per day increases te risk of prostate cancer by 32 percent. That is the equvelant of a cup and a half of cottage cheese. The study also showed that drinking two cups of milk daily increases the risk by up tp 60 percent. Taking calcium supplements also put you at an increased risk.

So how are you supposed to meet your daily requirements of calcium? Vegetables.

“Most men only need to consume about 600 or 700 mg of calcium each day,” noted study author Dr. Neal Barnard. “Green and orange vegetables, white beans and dried fruit provide ample sources of calcium. Just one serving of cooked collard greens and an orange provides more than half the calcium you need in an entire day.”

3. Limit or avoid alcohol.

One drink per week increases your risk of developing larnyx, pharynx and mouth cancers by 24 percent. Two to three gasses per week increase risk of colorectal cancer by 21 percent

4. Avoid grilled, fried, and broiled meats.

Carcinogens form when cooking meat at high temperatures. Eating grilled meets increases your risk of developing breast, colorectal, pancreatic, and kidney cancers

5. Avoid red and processed meats.

Eating 50 grams of processed meat per day (the equivalent of one sausage or two slices of bacon)Increased risk of colorectal by 21 percent. Consuming 120 grams red meat, or slightly over 4 ounces, increases risk of colorectal by 28%

6. Consume soy products.

Although it goes against conventional wisdom, the report states that the research shows consuming soy products, especially in raw form of edamame, tempeh, or organic tofu decreases risk of breast cancer, decreases recurrence and mortality in women who already have the disease.

Your diet does affect your health. By making smart food choices you can increase your chances of living a longer, healthier life.

Skin Reactions to Food Allergy

Food allergies occur when the body’s immune system mistakenly believes that a food protein, or allergen, poses a threat. In response to the perceived threat, chemicals are released into the blood. These chemicals in turn cause the symptoms of an allergic reaction.

Affected Body Systems

Allergic reactions to food can affect four body systems: the skin, gastrointestinal system, respiratory system and cardiovascular system. Reactions affecting the skin are the most common and can manifest in a number of ways, including a mild rash, hives, eczema and swollen skin (or angioedema).


Hives are the most-common allergic response to food. They are sometimes called urticaria or a nettles rash and are red, very itchy, swollen areas of skin. Hives have a central, raised white bump surrounded by an area of redness. Some people believe hives look like a cluster of mosquito bites. Sometimes new clusters will appear just as other areas are clearing up. Hives can occur alone or with other symptoms. Some people get hives just by touching the food to which they are allergic.


Eczema, or atopic dermatitis, is a skin condition that is itchy, scaly and red. Located on the face, scalp, arms and legs, eczema is a chronic condition that is aggravated by food allergies. Unlike hives, it does not vanish, but lingers long after ingestion. Furthermore, eczema can be a warning sign in very young children that a food allergy may exist. In fact, 37 percent of children with moderate eczema also have a food allergy.


When the deep layers of skin swell in response to a food allergen, this is called angioedema. According to the World Allergy Organization, angioedema is caused by a buildup of fluid leaking from thin-walled blood vessels. It can accompany hives or occur alone.

Other Skin Reactions

There are several other types of skin reactions to food allergens. These reactions typically occur in children. For instance, infants and toddlers often develop a red rash around their mouths when they eat something to which they are allergic. They also may have “allergic shiners,” which are dark blue, black or reddish circles under their eyes. Typically, children with a milk allergy will have allergic shiners. They also may have reddish earlobes and a reddened nose. The red nose is often referred to as an “allergic salute.” In other words, when children rub their noses red because they itch, it looks like they are saluting.


Food allergies can worsen over time with each reaction becoming more severe. Skin reactions are often the first sign that something is wrong. Ultimately, if the offending food is not eliminated from the diet, severe allergic reactions may begin to involve more than just the skin. Some reactions can even become life threatening. If you are experiencing skin reactions when you eat particular foods, it is best to visit an allergist to determine what is causing your body’s response. An allergist can determine the best treatment for your condition.

How to Test for Allergens

Allergic reactions range from annoying to deadly. If you notice an adverse reaction to food or something in the environment, a simple test administered by a health care professional can indicate the exact allergens that irritate you. Depending on your sensitivity to allergens and your medication regimen, you may take a skin test or blood test.


  1. Schedule an appointment with your health care provider to take an allergy test. Tell your doctor about any antihistamines you currently take — some prohibit skin testing. Also tell your doctor if you’ve ever had a life-threatening reaction to an allergen or a serious reaction to a previous test.
  2. Stop taking antihistamines one week before your test, or for a period of time specified by your doctor. Antihistamines include over-the-counter and prescription medications, nasal sprays or eye drops. If you are unsure whether you’re taking antihistamines, ask your doctor or pharmacist about your medications.
  3. Dress in a short-sleeved short or layers over a short-sleeved shirt on the day of your appointment. This will make it easier for your physician to administer the test.
  4. Go to your doctor’s office on the day of the appointment. You will be given a prick skin test on the forearm or back to detect allergens such as pollen, dust mites, molds and dander. You may alternatively be given an intradermal skin test (needle stick) or blood test, which is given to small children or people who can’t take a skin test due to medication. The test results take 15 to 20 minutes to develop, after which the doctor will discuss your results. The skin test site may flare up during this time, but effects usually fade after a few hours.
  5. Apply a cold compress or topical antihistamine to the irritated skin test site if necessary. Avoid scratching the site.

Does Little Green Soothing Balm really work as well as it claims to

On March 17, 2014, Manalapan health Examiner Stacey Chillemi reviewed the product Little Green Soothing Balm to see if it really moisturizes and eliminates chapped lips and here’s what she had to say:
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Getting chapped lips is not fun. Your lips get dry, they peel and then they begin to hurt, especially when the dead dry skin peels off and the raw skin is exposed. Dry lips need lots of love and comfort. After trying various lip balms over the years, I have concluded that when you choose a lip balm you should a natural lip balm that is not overly harsh on your lips.

Too many beauty products on the market contain hazardous ingredients such as parabens, synthetic fragrances and petroleum based ingredients that dry and damage the skin. It makes no sense why beauty and cosmetic companies put these unnatural ingredients in their products if they know it’s going to cause damage to the skin.

This is why I use only natural products containing all natural ingredients. I use beauty products that will not harm the skin. For lip balms, I use Little Green Soothing Balm. Like I said, I have tried many lip balms,Little Green Soothing Balm was the most effective, and it is natural too.

The benefits associated with using a natural lip balm are extensive: they contain natural ingredients like beeswax and (Jojoba) seed oil that moisturize lips for a long lasting hydrated and soft feel.

The lip balm came quickly, packaged well and when he tried it what a difference from any other lip balm I tried before. Out of all the ones, I have tried Little Green Soothing Balm works the best. I even gave to my youngest son who came home from school and was complaining of dry chapped lips. I gave him the Little Green Soothing Balm to put on his lips and amazingly you saw a difference right away. The dry dead skin on his lips began to separate and the dead skin immediately fell off. His lips felt so much better after he used it. His lips weren’t dry anymore and they looked and felt smooth and moisturized. Plus, I love the size of it. It’s much bigger than your regular size lip balm, but small enough to put in your purse.

As an author of the book, “The Complete Herbal Guide: A Natural Approach to Healing the Body – Heal Your Body Naturally and Maintain Optimal Health Using Alternative Medicine, Herbals, Vitamins, Fruits and Vegetables”, I found this lip balm very beneficial. I highly recommend this product.

It was great that my son and I were able to get rid of our dry lips using a product that is pure and natural and does not contain any hazardous ingredients. You can find Little Green Soothing Balm on the Internet at

Rachel Frederickson talks ‘Biggest Loser’ weight loss: ‘Absolutely healthy’

Controversy swirled almost the moment that “Biggest Loser” season 15 contestant Rachel Frederickson stepped on the stage of the finale on Feb. 4. Had the 24-year-old lost too much weight? Nearly a month after her win, she addressed the backlash about her 155-pound loss today with Savannah Guthrie of the “Today” show.

“I felt amazing on the stage, I felt like I shined in my dress, and I got off the stage and Twitter was all abuzz,” she said Wednesday morning in New York. “There was just so much chatter about it.”

She said she was surprised at the social media reaction.

“My journey was my own and I loved it, I lived it, so I felt really proud of what I did,” Frederickson said.

When Guthrie asked whether she thought she had dropped down to an unhealthy weight, Frederickson disagreed.

“It was absolutely healthy weight loss. I dieted, I exercised and did it healthy the whole way,” she said. “I appreciate all the concern and I can see where it comes from. And there is the ‘movie magic’ – it’s over 7 months, it’s almost a year of my life losing the weight. So I was very unhealthy at 260 pounds and now, post finale, I’m the healthiest, most alive I’ve ever felt.”

This week, “Today” is focusing on body image with its “Love Your Selfie” week, and Guthrie asked Frederickson what lessons she learned from her mom about her body image growing up as a competitive swimmer.

“She has taught me to be independent, to love myself and to be me,” she said.

In maintenance mode now and visibly less gaunt looking than on finale night, Guthrie asked Frederickson whether she worries about backsliding.

“That thought always comes up but I think that what I’ve learned is that I have an inner strength. I have a voice and I can trust myself. I didn’t trust myself. I was critical and I judged myself,” she said. “You’re with you the rest of your life so you’d better accept you and love yourself.”

Paleo Workouts for DUMMIES: how to get the knockout body you always wanted

On March 17, 2014, Manalapan Health Examiner Stacey Chillemi reviewed the book “Paleo Workouts for DUMMIES” by Patrick Flynn, fitness expert and Dr. Kellyann Petrucci and here’s what she had to say:

I found this exercise book to be very informative jam-packed with unique tips, techniques and strategies to help you lose weight maintain optimum health and obtain the body you always dreamed of achieving for yourself. One thing I read in the beginning of the book that stuck with me is that you don’t need a bunch of expensive equipment or exercise tapes to lose-weight and shape up. The exercises in this book are easy and the book is inexpensive. All you need is this book, some weights and a comfortable spot in your home where you can focus. Paleo Workouts for DUMMIES contains tons of effective exercises, which not only are easy to learn, but effective too.

Chapter 1 begins by teaching you how to get started. It teaches you how to change your mindset then gives you a clear explanation, why his exercises are more effective than traditional exercise programs.

The beginning of the book provides you with helpful tips and advice on how to get started to creating the perfect program customized for your own needs. He explains that it is not necessary to spend hours in a gym three or four times a week to reach your fitness goals. You can modify exercises and exercise for a limited amount of time and still attain strength, muscle mass and weight loss. The book goes on to provide you with helpful tips, tools, techniques, strategies and step-by-step exercises to help you on your journey to visually attaining the body you dreamed of achieving or for the person who just wants to stay healthy and maintain optimum health.

As you continue reading, he taps on some interesting subject matters for instance, “Breathing the way you were meant to breathe.” Breathing plays an important part of health and even controls our stress levels too. Paleo Workouts for DUMMIES gives you step-by-step advice on how to change your life with just a few simple changes on how we care for our bodies.

As you continue reading, you will find tons of exercises and advice on how to improve your health, strength and body. The book even discusses supplements for men and women that can help you improve the way you look and feel. I thought chapter 17 was great. It discussed 10 important super foods to help you perform your exercises ten times better.

To see how well his advice really were I put it to the challenge by following his advice on what vitamins and supplements to take, eating the suggested super foods and performing many of the exercises in the book.

The workouts were effective. I could feel my muscles being put to test for sure, but afterwards I felt great and I can see some muscle definition occurring too. My strength has increased and I don’t have to run the gym to get this great workout. I can do it in my sitting room!

I enjoyed how the book provides you with the stepping-stones and techniques to improve your health and body the natural way. No diet pills, expensive, unnecessary equipment that costs a fortune, all you need is the book, a few weights and a little time out of your day, a couple times a week and you’ll see the results. I am beginning to see the results right now.

The book captured my interest and it has motivated me to take a little extra time to exercise each day. I realize, through reading this book that no matter what age you are it is never too late to change your lifestyle and exercise habits so you can live a happy, healthy and productive life. Everyone should take the time to love and care for his or her body. If you have time to watch TV, go to the movies or shopping at the mall then you, have the time to put aside to care for your body the way you should.

Paleo Workouts for DUMMIES is an excellent exercise/health book packed with phenomenal advice and easy step-by-step exercises. I found this book to be motivating and the exercises are easy to follow. This book may be just what the doctor ordered for anyone who has a quest to lose weight, define his or her body, learn how to eat right and maintain optimum health. I recommend this book to others. Definite FIVE stars.

8 simple easy ways to look and feel healthier this summer

Are you ready to look and feel your best this summer? Living a healthier life isn’t as difficult as you might think. You don’t have to give up all of your favorite things, just make some simple tweaks to what you’re already doing. Here are 8 simple easy ways to look and feel healthier this summer.

Sleep more. Lack of sleep not only affects how you look, it also can wreak havoc on your health, potentially causing a heart attack. Aim for 7-8 hours of sleep per night to face each day with your full self. Learn more about sleep and your health here.
Breathe. Most people don’t realize the benefits of taking 10-minutes out each day to breathe. Deep breathing will not only improve your mental state, increase energy, reduce stress and anxiety, it will also fight off disease. Learn how to breathe here.
Be positive. Did you know that keeping a positive outlook on life can better enable you to relax and feel happier? A positive mind can also make you an overall healthier individual. It might take some work, but give it a try.
Pump up the volume. Why not jam out on your way to work each day? Turn up the tunes, move your body to the beat and reap the benefits of feeling happier while burning some extra calories.
Do yoga. If you haven’t tried yoga, it’s time; you have nothing to lose, only countless benefits to gain. Research proves that practicing yoga not only sculpts your body into its best, it transforms the mind. Check out the best yoga DVD’s here.
Shut down electronics. You don’t have to give up your phone, Facebook or television, just be aware of how much it consumes your life. Trade an hour of electronics with some form of exercise this summer and watch your mind and body transform.
Add lemon to your life. Did you know that lemons are one of the most beneficial foods out there? Add it to everything you can including your daily water intake and watch your skin clear and your immune system grow stronger. Learn more about the benefits of lemons here.
Drink green tea. All teas have their benefits and are a healthier choice over coffee, but green tea is simply the best. Learn the 10 reasons why you should be drinking green tea here.

High carbohydrate diets linked to dementia: Eat healthy fats, say experts

Want to reduce your risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s? The latest studies show that the key to achieving that goal is simple: Eliminate carbohydrates such as sugar and grains and replace them with healthy fats, reported the Sacramento Bee on Feb. 21.

Spanish researchers evaluated the impact of diets on cognition, dividing study group participants ages 50 to 80 into three different groups:

  • One group ate a Mediterranean-style diet supplemented with extra-virgin olive oil
  • A second group followed a similar diet but supplement it with extra nuts rather than olive oil
  • The third group consumed a low fat diet with carbohydrates such as whole grains

The results after 6.5 years on these diets: Participants who ate the diet high in extra-virgin olive oil scored best on cognition tests, followed by those who ate nuts. The lowest scores came from those who avoided fat and ate grains.

Mediterranean diets traditionally include healthy fats such as nuts and olive oil, with total calorie intake from fats as high as 40 percent. Also included: Vegetables, fruits, nuts and legumes, with moderate to high consumption of fish and seafood and low consumption of dairy and meat. Processed grains are kept to a minimum.

What’s the link between this high fat diet and cognition? Studies show that such diets result in lower blood concentrations of inflammatory markers like C-reactive protein and reduced risk factors for vascular disease such as diabetes and high blood pressure. Both inflammation and vascular disease are known risk factors in dementia and cognitive decline.

Contrasted with such high fat, low carb diets, the standard American diet (SAD) poses risks in its high percentages of processed grains and sugars.

SAD menus result in elevated blood sugar and insulin resistance, causing glycation of proteins.Through this process, glucose molecules attach to proteins, and that’s been associated with reductions in cognitive function.

How one town won the battle of the bulge and lost 15000 pounds in 17 weeks

One town. One woman. Both located in one of the nation’s fattest and poorest states. In an exclusive interview, Linda Fondren told us how she succeeded in helping the citizens of that town lose 15,000 pounds in 17 weeks. She’s documented the journey in “Shape Up Sisters!: What It Took for My Town in One of America’s Fattest and Poorest States to Lose 15,000 Pounds.”

“After having transformed my life from poverty and disempowerment to success, I went back to my hometown of Vicksburg, Mississippi. It was after the death of my sister that I discovered my true passion,” recalls Linda.

“My sister was obese when she passed away from cancer at the age of 54. Cancer took her life, but obesity restricted her from living it. Before she died, she confessed to me that she wished she had lived her life more for herself,” added Linda.

To help others live their lives to the fullest, Linda opened a gym called “Shape Up Sisters.” Its slogan: “Positively Reshaping Women.” The gym was designed specifically “for women like my sister, who suffer low self esteem, and because no woman should take to her grave the regret my sister took to hers.”

Linda’s Shape Up Vicksburg organization involved several steps:

Our first step with Shape Up Vicksburg was to share accountability with the community -to build awareness and educate people about healthy living from the ground up – get people moving who otherwise felt stuck.
Through our outreach, we’ve created partnerships with elected officials, hospitals, schools, and our Military Park. We’ve seen notable commitments from parents, business leaders and churches through encouraging weight management activities, joining our walking club and community support for a farmer’s market and community garden.
Our goal is to help recreate the “norm” of what healthy living looks like.

And Vicksburg is symptomatic of many other towns across the nation.

Twenty years ago no state had an obesity rate above 15%. Now there are thirteen states that have obesity rates over 30% and 41 states have rates above 25%. Obesity is a widespread issue and stems from a lack of physical activity and poor nutrition. Cost, conveniences, competing requirements and habits are factors that affect how healthy we are no matter what city you live in. We know what the problems are, and we have got to break the habits that we have formed.

No time or money? Take responsibility for overcoming obstacles, says Linda.

“We have a responsibility to be honest with ourselves about why this is so. Being honest about what we’ve been up to is the first step to know what actions we need to take to overcome our perceived limitations. If you don’t make time to be healthy, you’d better schedule in time to be sick. You must make your health a priority and schedule it in like you do everything else in your life that is important.”

For those who are overweight, “money or time likely has little to do with it. It is the result of choices you’ve made year after year. Don’t get locked in the illusion of not having time. Practice letting go of the clock and just do what is at hand at this very moment, and a magical thing will happen – There will be more time and you will feel less confusion. The goal is to grow past where you are. In my book I’ve included many tips on how to squeeze a workout into your day, and how to shop for healthy foods at the grocery store on a limited budget.”

And the organization goes beyond numbers on a scale, she adds.

Shape Up Vicksburg is no longer about numbers on a scale. It’s about turning skepticism into motivation, citizens encouraging each other. It is about a community-wide movement to weave fitness and healthy eating into our culture. The weight lost among the 2,500 participants at the time of the Shape Up Vicksburg challenge amounted to 15,000 pounds. By writing Shape Up Sisters my hope is that this kind of transformation will spread to other communities across the country.